IBS celebrates a milestone.

By December 3, 2004

USA (MNN) — The year was 1809. The United States was just 33 years old, but already the International Bible Society saw the need to get God’s word into the hands of every-day people in a way they could understand. 195 years later, IBS is still working to that end.

This weekend IBS is celebrating 195 years. The President of IBS, Peter Bradley says, “Up to this point we have translated 89 Bibles into major languages around the world. And, we’ve partnered with Wycliffe (Bible Translators) over the last 10 years to actually help them release about 660 translations that they have produced. And, at the moment we’re working on 60 more translations.”

IBS has distributed over 400-million Scriptures and millions of people have come to know Christ because of their work.

According to Bradley, IBS has been proactive in developing Scripture portions that can help people in their time of need. “During crisis moments, everyone has them in their lives, whether it be personal or whether it be major, political, anything along that line that turns your world up-side-down, we see that as a wonderful opening where we can present the Scriptures to an individual who is hurting, who is looking for comfort, and in many cases just looking for the truth.”

IBS will quietly be thanking God for His blessing this weekend. IBS has offices in 45 countries around the world and have nearly 500 employees who are facilitating Bible translation and distribution. Pray that God continues to use IBS to translate God’s word in even more languages around the world. Funding is needed to help them accomplish this incredible task.

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