IBS helps hurricane victims with best relief of all, the Gospel

By September 23, 2004

USA (MNN) — Hurricanes Charely, Frances, and Ivan have hit the United States hard. They’ve forced thousands from their homes, caused food and other shortages, and have caused depression for many. At least one organization is reaching out with Good News. Good News that can only be found in God’s Word.

The International Bible Society’s Sues Hyde says they sent samples of their Scripture booklet, ‘When Your Whole World Changes’ to their supporters in the area. “This is a piece that’s a 25 daily reading that was developed after Hurricane Andrew. And, as a result several of the churches where those went to have called us back and we’ve been helping to prepare those churches to do disaster outreach for their own members as well as the communities around them.”

IBS is also providing a booklet for children called, ‘A Time for Everything.’ Hyde says, “It’s to help children that have gone through a loss. Specifically losing someone that they love, be it temporarily or long term.” She says they also offer other resources like ‘Deeper Still’ which is a Scripture based piece that helps people deal with grief.

The Scripture portions are being distributed through local churches, the Salvation Army and other that are helping in the disaster relief.

The hurricanes have hit IBS and their ‘When Your Whole World Changes’ booklets in an unusual way, says Hyde. “We have run out in our warehouse. It has been a popular item during this hurricane season. We currently have more of those at the printers and are expecting them this week. We have revised the piece and now it’s a 30 daily reading piece instead of 25.”

Pray that many will receive comfort and more importantly, come to Christ as a result of reading these books from IBS.

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