IBS introduces its first Spanish Bible for U.S. troops.

By February 24, 2006

USA (MNN)–Nearly a quarter of the deployed U-S troops in the Army and Marine Corps claim Spanish as their mother tongue.

The International Bible Society (IBS) just introduced its first-ever Scripture edition designed specifically for them. IBS Military Representative Chuck Adams said, “IBS knows from its broad experience translating Scripture into contemporary languages around the world how important it is for people to have God’s Word in their mother tongue.”

In response to this need, IBS released this version of the Bible which features their contemporary Spanish Nueva Version Internacional text along with study notes and a military camouflage cover.

Sometimes it is not possible for a soldier (or soldiers) to worship with a local church. IBS address that by including a “self-contained” worship service to help units without available chaplains to worship in small groups.

The worship service materials include opening and closing prayers, hymns, and suggested Scripture readings. Also included are a mini-concordance, an overview of the Bible, notes on how to study the Scripture, a list of websites offering additional reference materials, and maps with overlays of ancient Mesopotamia and the modern-day Middle East.

Through their Military Chaplain Outreach, IBS provides special desert camouflage Bibles to troops in Iraq, troops preparing for deployment, and troops remaining at home station.

The agency sends the Scriptures to military chaplains, who distribute them to the troops under their care. Priority is given to Reserve and National Guard chaplains because they typically have limited or no funds to purchase Scriptures. It costs just $3.00 to supply an NIV Camouflage Bible to a military chaplain.

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