IBS Responds with Scriptures to victims of the tsunami.

By January 28, 2005

Asia (MNN)–With millions of dollars of aid pouring into tsunami-hit Asia, there are still thousands scrambling for basic needs.

The International Bible Society sent 100,000 ‘When Your Whole World Changes’ booklets to relief agencies in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.

They are partnering with humanitarian agencies such as Food for the Hungry that provide physical relief, as well as with local churches who will give Scripture to those they counsel and encourage.

They are also working with government agencies that allow them to place Scripture materials in hospitals and other governmental facilities where relief aid is given.

The piece includes Scripture content that shares hope and counsel in a month’s worth of Bible-based readings. Many groups are tucking the pamphlet into the relief packets they’re handing out. Pray that people respond to the Gospel.

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