IK people to hear God’s word for first time

By February 11, 2004

Uganda (MNN) — It’s step one in the process of providing the entire Bible in their own language. A Audio Scripture Ministries of Holland, Michigan is on the verge of sharing Gospel messages and Scripture portions to the Ik (eek) people of Uganda.

Audio Scripture’s Tom Dudenhofer says it’s been a complex project. “Audio Scripture Ministries is helping in a project that includes translators here in the United States, an Ik believer in Kampala, a Christian recording studio in Kampala, and ASM is providing funding and hand powered tape talk players,” says Dudenhofer. He says, “The translators and materials have been recorded and duplicated.”

What’s needed now is prayer for distribution and follow up work. Dudenhofer says, “This will be the very first presentation to this tribal group in this particular way.” Pray for complex travel plans that have to be made to complete the distribution and follow up.

However, violence is staring workers in the face. Dudenhofer says, “A rebel group in the area, they alternately allow people to come through the area and then other times they will attack or rob or cause damage. We are in the midst of discussions about what would be the best way to get this distribution to the Ik people.”

According to Dudenhofer, the tribe is facing a perilous future. “This tribe has been marginalized for years. Alternately they’ve been denied hunting for survival, or they’ve been the object of domination by neighboring tribes.”

$3,000 to $6,000 is needed for the distribution. If you’d like additional information go to ASMtoday.org, click on projects and follow the links to the Ik people.

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