IMB surveys ‘Xtreme peoples’ of South America

By April 12, 2006

Boliva/Peru (MNN) — The Southern Baptist International Mission Board is asking Christians to pray for one of their teams in South America. IMB leaders specifically ask people to pray for their outreach to remote people groups who have not heard the Gospel because they live in such inaccessible places in the Amazon jungles and the Andes Mountains.

Earlier this year, the Xploration Team began investigating the Tigre Quichua (pronounced THEE-greh KEE-choo-ah) of northern Peru. Team members report that their survey trip went well and they were able to get the information they needed and made important contacts for future work.

The IMB Xtreme Teams in Bolivia and Peru are beginning to interact with several new people groups. They’re asking people to pray for their health, safety as they travel, language acquisition, and that God would work in the hearts of these people who have never heard the name of Jesus.

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  • jim ellis says:

    i have traveled to Peru twice and did weeklong discipleship conference and a weeklong sports/gospel sharing camp. i am about to retire from teaching, have taught for a long time, am interested in doing some mission trips in South America in areas that are hard for people to reach and for share with any unreached people group

    thank you

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