Immediate aid reaches quake victims in Yogyakarta.

By June 2, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)–Hospitals and clinics in Java’s quake zone remain overwhelmed with patients and homeless a week after the disaster.

The 6.3 magnitude quake levelled most of Yogyakarta, killing thousands and destroying infrastructure. The United Nations reports the temblor damaged more than 105,000 homes and wrecked 269 schools.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s Relief Manager, Jacob Kramer says their partnering agencies have already distributed more than 8,400 containers of rice, noodles, and drinking water to survivors, and are acquiring family-sized tents for those without shelter.

Even as the immediate disaster needs are met, their team is already looking ahead. “Our focus is on clinics at this moment, and, together with us, are transporting a field hospital which should be in operation today. As you know, the existing hospitals are unable to carry the load of patients.”

Kramer adds they’ll eventually phase over to a livelihood approach. After the emergency phase, CRWRC will continue to be there in the longer-term to help rebuild the many thousands of homes which have been demolished.

Their partnership is laying the groundwork for longer-term ministry, however, “What this church is doing is far beyond its carrying capacity. Setting up a field hospital–the volunteers come for free…but, there’s a lot of cost connected with it.”

The sheer number of people is overwhelming the staff. On the ground reports indicate that the uninjured are trying to stay in or around the hospitals because of lack of shelter, food and clean water in their home areas.

That means their church partner needs all the help they can get. “There are groups that work with the local villages in order to provide the immediate needs. They really need financial help and prayer help.”

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