Impending ceasefire in the Middle East does little to quell fierce fighting.

By August 8, 2006

Lebanon (MNN)–Israel and Lebanon continue pummeling each other in light of an impending ceasefire resolution.

SAT-7’s Debbie Brink says Friday’s assault made it nearly impossible for people to navigate the roads, prompting them to close their offices.

They’ve since re-opened, but, “The biggest single issue for everybody still continues to be fuel. The roads have been bombed, but they can get there if they have fuel. People are hesitant to use their cars because if they need to do anything critical, without any fuel, they won’t be able to do that. So right now, they’re limiting the number of things that they choose to do.”

Brink says the dedication of their staff speaks loudly. “Continue to pray for safety, and for encouragement for our staff, for provisions, for food, that fuel would get into the country, so that they would be able to get around and that the programs can continue to be assembled and broadcast. We really want to be a beacon of light in the Arab world.”

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