IN Network looks to new horizons.

By April 20, 2006

International (MNN)–The IN Network’s Board has approved a new ministry partnership in Colombia and the development of a new ministry relationship in Kenya.

The agreement now expands outreach to a rural slum school on the outskirts of Barranquilla in Villimar. The agreement also covers a children’s home in a remote area of the country.

In Kenya, the board also agreed to foster relationships with Sammy Njiri, a local leader, and the Youngsters for Christ Team [Y4C].

The ministry focus is youth discipleship and would be the first IN Network ministry in Kenya. The intention is to begin building a relationship toward partnership with Y4C.

The partnership will likely be reviewed at the end of 2006 so both Y4C, INUS and INIO can assess whether the relationship and partnership is meeting expectations.

Pray for both these partnerships as the implementation can sometimes prove challenging.

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