In the remote villages of Mexico, the language of love communicates.

By May 10, 2006

Mexico (MNN)–Mexico (MNN)–Guaymas is the second-largest port on Mexico’s Pacific Coast , with a history rich in missions, having been founded by two missionaries in 1703.

Today, the region remains friendly to the Gospel, although the richness of its history has not translated to material wealth for many. Areas of extreme poverty and little opportunity are often breeding grounds for other social ills, which seems to perpetuate a cycle.

However, there are many devoted to seeing change come to the area. Among them, a partnership of missions-minded people who are responding to the needs. This week, Christian Resources International sent a delegation of eight to assist independent missionaries Jesse and Jenny Navarro in their many projects.

In day two of our visit, Jenny had the team busy sorting many bundles of clothing, shoes and toys in preparation for the real work ahead in the remote villages just outside of Guaymas, Mexico.

We took two vehicles loaded with these treasures, along with coloring books, crayons and other literature down bumpy dirt roads, winding around homesteads that were made of brick, some of tin, others of tar paper and cardboard.

People came out to see what was going on, and friendly waves exchanged. I rode in the van carrying shoes. Driver Doug Burnie has had a decade-long friendship with the Navarro family, which grew into not only a co-mission, but also a unique partnership with Christian Resources International.

At one house, Burnie told me that the fact these people have a home is a matter of great pride. Though very humble, the dirt floor was swept, and the line of clothes outside, freshly washed. When Christians come and meet needs, it sows seeds.

Once those take root and grow, it’s a matter of relationship that takes the church to the next level. Burnie explains the depth a bit more. “CRI is the vehicle that gives me the literature and the materials so that not only can I feed and clothe the people, but give them the Word of God so that they can have eternal life, also. I have dual citizenship now, not by the government standard, but the Mexican people are my people.”

Tomorrow, we’ll we’re due to meet a group of pastors at a seminar and help resource them with 11-pound ‘Boxes of Happiness’. Many will contain commentaries, sermon helps and Scripture. It’s another pillar that supports the house that love built.

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