India’s Christians note militant Hindu movement.

By March 16, 2006

India (MNN)–Christians in Rajasthan are planning protests throughout the northwestern Indian state because of harassment from the Hindu extremists.

Operational Mobilization’s Director of South India, Kumar Swami, is a Dalit Christian. The persecution faced by many believers is a combination of religious intolerance and politics.

As more Dalits leave the caste system and find freedom in Christianity, the upper castes are growing more threatened by the erosion to their power base. And, according to many missions sources, their answer comes in the form of deadly force.

Swami explains that the problem is spreading countrywide as Hindu Nationalists become more vocal. “We, as Christians in India, particularly the Dalits, are highly concerned about the development which is taking place in our country. That’s why I am here, basically mobilizing prayers for our nation, for such a time as this, particularly all over the world.”

With a growing number of states pursuing anti-conversion legislation, Swami urges believers to pray. “To a certain extent, Christian ministry, Gospel preaching has been restricted. To a certain extent, our teams, other Christian agencies and organizations are facing frequent attacks, periodic violence is taking place.”

Indigenous missionaries say acts of violence are now occurring on a nearly daily basis against Christians throughout India. Five states are trying to stop the spread of Christianity in India.

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