Indonesia, six months after the tsunami.

By June 21, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–Come June 26, it will be exactly six months since the tsunami lashed through Indonesia’s Aceh province.

Association of Christian Schools International’s Dave Wilcox says 14 partnering schools were destroyed in earthquakes prior to the tsunami, but they’re rebuilding, with help from sister schools.

ACSI Director Dr. David Wilcox distributed “relief grants” to damaged Indonesia Christian schools–funded by the efforts of hundreds of North American children attending ACSI Christian schools.

“They’ve raised over 140-thousand dollars. Even a pre-school in Suweto, South Africa, found out about this and those kids raised something close to 600-US dollars to help an Indonesian primary school rebuild their classrooms.”

Many of the schools are meeting outdoors, under tents or other temporary shelters. In the tropical heat, that makes the learning process difficult. The rainy season will soon arrive, and the race is on to get the children into better classroom surroundings.

Wilcox says it’s more costly to rebuild because the area is isolated. Building materials are expensive, in part because all steel and cement is imported from larger cities hundreds of miles away..

Even so, Wilcox says they’re on-track to see the construction finished done by next October. He believes the tragedy has knitted a stronger ministry community. “Step by step, gift by gift, we’re making a difference to help build the body of Christ, not just spiritually, but academically, so that they’re fit to be productive, contributing members to their own nation.”

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