Indonesian rebels disarm–believers watch the outcome.

By December 29, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–The civil war in Indonesia’s Aceh province may be over. Rebels have officially disarmed.

Voice of the Martyr’s Todd Nettleton says peace talks between the rebels and the government were already underway prior to the tsunami.

However, once the disaster struck, priorities changed. “Both sides saw that in order to facilitate the rebuilding of that part of Indonesia, they were going to need to work together. It really wasn’t a time where there was room for conflict. It was pretty much ‘all hands on deck! We’re going to have to work our hearts out just to rebuild.'”

Nettleton confirms the connection between humanitarian aid, relationship building and the ongoing potential for evangelistic work. He says in the early days of the crisis a year ago, they sent Indonesian church teams to the hard hit region with Life Packs.

These kits contained the basic daily physical needs and supply tools that bring ‘eternal relief,’ namely a Bible and a copy of ‘He Lived Among Us’ (a 180-page Gospel storybook). Along with a connection to the local church, there is also discipleship for new Christians.

However, prayer remains essential. “Thousands of people around the world prayed for this region because Indonesia is an area that has persecution, that has hostility towards Christians but the absence of armed conflict is obviously going to be a good thing for the people of Banda Aceh, for the people of the Aceh region.”

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