Inmates turn to Christ and are sharing their faith.

By December 11, 2003

Uganda (MNN) — A Ministry is seeing the lowest of society turn to Christ and are having an impact on others. CB International says they’re receiving testimonies from people in prison demonstrating that Christ changes lives of the violent even after professional therapy has failed. The prison Bible study is filled with violent men who have been touched by the grace of Christ. They now communicate Christ to the violent of Luzira Prison in Uganda.

“Before I accepted Christ, I was filled with anger. I hated God and I would stone anyone who claimed to be a Christian when they came to our village. Now I’m preaching the gospel.”–Robert

“I loved to beat up people. I was a good fighter and I enjoyed destroying people who spoke about Christ. But when I ended up in prison I found myself accepting Christ.”–James

“I was from a saved family. But when they tried to preach to me about Christ, I called them devils. I had to be thrown in prison before I would realize that Christ is the true and living God.”–Bosco

William was a successful highway robber until he had a fight with the police. In prison he found that he needed God: “I am preaching to other prisoners and winning them to Christ. Now that I am in prison, I have found freedom.”

Edward, a witch doctor claims to have bewitched and murdered numerous people, stated, “On my way to murder someone I stopped to watch an evangelistic crusade. The preacher stated that there was a witch in the crowd and he started to pray for his conversion. Suddenly I was arrested. In prison I found Christ and now I love to preach to others.”

“I was the worst of the worse. I enjoyed beating up my family and my relatives. I entertained myself by beating up children and watching them suffer. I hated Christ. But last year the police caught me and I received Christ in prison. I now spend my time witnessing to prisoners.”–Bobby

Pray that these inmates will see even more prisoners turn to Jesus.

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