Instability in Zimbabwe fails to dampen enthusiasm toward the Gospel.

By September 21, 2005

Zimbabwe (MNN)–Zimbabwe’s instability under President Robert Mugabe continues to affect ministry. Many times, gatherings are stopped because of the fear of political insurrectionist messages.

Aside from a dictatorship-like regime, it appears that one of the greatest needs in this country is leadership.

Leadership in government, leadership in schools and leadership in the churches. They need men and women of integrity who will step to the front and become strong leaders.

Christian World Outreach’s Greg Yoder says they’re doing just that. Aside from the Leadership Training and Resources Center, there are mobile orphanages, and aid posts set up. Among other avenues of outreach are the camps for children.

In fact, one children’s camp ministry came under fire just last month. On the first day of camp, police disrupted the meetings and tried to break up the group. But the people rejected the order and gathered anyway.

Yoder says, “That’s the exciting part, is we’re able to share Christ and the people are so hungry for it that they’ll stand up to the police. When they went back the next day, they were called back and cautioned not to do political things, but go ahead with the camp.”

With the spiritual hunger that is evident, there is another challenge. “One of the big needs that the people are screaming for are study materials. The pastors are saying, ‘We aren’t equipped because we don’t have Bibles; we don’t have the study materials that we need and could use to equip ourselves so that we can go to the people.'”

Please pray for the safety and ministry of the teams as they reach out to the physical, as well as the spiritual, needs of the people in Zimbabwe.

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