International Bible Society web success is all about location…location…location.

By October 19, 2006

International (MNN)–To date, the International Bible Society counts two million unique visitors to their website per month.

That’s according to IBS’ Dwight Anderson who attributes the high traffic is the outgrowth of making Scripture accessibility easier online.

He goes on to say their team has been crafting new tools to aid in daily study. “We’ve created something that’s called a ‘Google gadget’ that allows you to click on this little button, and it’ll customize your Google homepage with a Bible look-up and daily verse on there.”

IBS’ translations number 40 languages. Many of these speakers have limited, if any, access to Scriptures in formats that are understandable both linguistically and culturally.

Anderson says that’s how they can support believers and evangelism in closed countries. “We really feel that God’s Word is the foundation for evangelism so it provides a foundation for people to read the Scripture, but also for others to get the Scripture, print it out and use it for evangelism.”

That’s only the first step. The second step is discipleship–or mentoring believers in their faith. To show them how to walk this road laid out by the Scriptures–to walk in Christ’s steps with a friend.

IBS also participates in numerous initiatives intended to aid in the discipleship process and ultimately produce “disciple makers.” But they can’t do it alone.

While they do partner with other agencies to make their efforts efficient, they also need funding assistance. Click here if you want to give to a worldwide Scripture distribution project.

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