Intimidation tactics don’t faze India’s believers.

By March 10, 2006

India (MNN)–A new anti-conversion campaign in India points to successful evangelistic growth in the country.

Global Advance Ministries’ David Shibley thinks the rise in persecution correlates with a nationalist Hindu movement push. “Hinduism is, in fact, losing its grip on the future of India, on the young people of India, and these radical statements, made by radical men, are also the statements of men, who themselves, are very fearful of a massive spiritual change.”

GAM’s team went to Amritsar, in far northern India last month. The Kashmir valley breeds conflict and resistance to Gospel. This region was in desperate need of encouragement and training to continue the battle for the sake of the Gospel.

Another conference was held on the east coast in Vishakapatnam, India. There, over two thousand church leaders came together for encouragement and training.
Shibley says these events are catalysts for church planting and indigenous missions efforts.

Shibley, in response to the numbers of church leaders who attended the conferences says, “It’s very important for church leaders in India and especially those who plant churches in hostile areas to know that the body of Christ worldwide is in solidarity with them, encouraging them, strengthening them, praying for them and affirming them.”

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