Iran’s government is clamping down on illegal satellite dishes, SAT-7’s concerned

By September 28, 2005

Iran (MNN) — More than 3,000 satellite dishes have been confiscated in Iran as the government cracks down on what they’re calling “trouble makers” in the country’s capital city. More than 12,000 “social polluters” have been arrested and hundreds have been sentenced in recent days.

While it’s illegal to have satellite dishes in Iran, many people have them, allowing Iranians a glimpse at the outside world.

SAT-7, Christian satellite television for the Middle East and North Africa, is concerned about the most recent crackdown. SAT-7’s Debbie Brink says, “They’re trying to prevent sources of information coming into the country that the government considers to be anti-their government and we just happen to be on one of those channels.”

Brink says the action taken is preventing Iranians from viewing SAT-7’s programming, and it’s not needed. “We are not anti-government or anti-Islam or anything like that. We don’t discuss those issues on our programs. We just present Christianity and what the Bible has to say and legally we’re allowed to do that.”

SAT-7 is broadcasting not only in Arabic, but also Farsi, the common language in Iran. “We have 24 hour (programming), but we give Iranian Christian Broadcasting, ICB, two hours a day of our 24 hours, to broadcast into Farsi.”

According to Brink, if all satellite dishes are taken away, it will affect many people. “One pastor wrote and said that watching these programs is almost like a church service for these people. They stand when they sing and they take a collection when they’re watching.”

Pray that Iran will not take away the satellite dishes of people who want to know about God in a personal way.

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