Iran’s hardline government could pose a threat to a Christian satellite ministry.

By December 2, 2005

Iran (MNN)–Newly dominant Islamic hardliners are purging the government of what they’re calling ‘corrupt’ influences in Iran.

Earlier this month, under the administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the government fired 40 ambassadors and senior diplomats. They also got rid those who promoted ties to Europe.

In their place, the government has been putting fundamentalists at key posts, including at security agencies.

As this continues, there’s a question of what may happen to Christians. SAT-7’s
Terry Ascott says, “What is worrying perhaps, is the new hard-line government is re-positioning its supporters its hardliners into positions of influence in government. This is very ominous in terms of the future. We could see a much worse situation for the church, especially, as I say, the apostate or underground convert church.”

Ascott explains their ministry inside Iran could change. “As things become more difficult, it’s more embarrassing, if you like, for church leaders to be involved with the satellite television system. So yes, it is potentially much more difficult for us in the days ahead to produce indigenous materials in-country.”

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