Iraq (MNN) — Christian aid organizations are being forced to stop work in Iraq.

By September 2, 2003

(Iraq)–We begin today in Iraq where threats against non-governmental organizations are forcing groups to reduce work there. Mark Kelly is with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. He says these threats are having a direct impact on their work. “The United Nations NGO coordinating council passed along some information that apparently the remnant of Saddam loyalists were planning attacks that would intentionally target NGO personnel. Our workers in Iraq contacted us saying that they felt we needed to delay for at least two weeks sending any volunteers into the country.” However, IMB staffers aren’t leaving Iraq. Kelly says this will be a great testimony to the Iraqi people. “Our folks are planning to stay and keeping a lower profile. That will mean a lot to the locals that they are around when they see that while other foreigners are packing and leaving the country, our workers are staying put.”

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