Iraqi churches see their numbers drop in the face of violence

By November 4, 2004

Iraq (MNN)–Churches in Iraq have seen an erosion of membership and weekly participation in the face of violence and uncertainty. There are exceptions. One particular area of Iraq has recently faced another problem because of their growth.

Words of Hope says they have heard from a church that is growing because of the displaced people joining their congregation. The pastor is asking for prayer as he has recently faced some strong intimidation from Muslim extremists. They are urging him to leave and abondon the ministry. If he stays he will most likely face deadly threats.
Meanwhile the churches are being encouraged by neighborhood groups. Neighborhood security has sometimes taken on the unrest that has plagued many areas and some places have organized neighborhood watch groups to provide protection.

Many groups have said they will protect the Christian churches in their area and other christian interests as well as a kind of solidarity against the common threat.

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