Islamic hardliners threaten believers during Christmas; seminary students continue evangelism.

By December 10, 2003

Indonesia (MNN)–The threat of terrorism during the Christmas holiday is imminent. That’s according to Indonesia’s security forces, who are warning citizens to brace for ‘the worst’.

The U-S State Department issued warnings for its citizens, among those issued by police. Indonesia’s chief security minister fears a wave of church bombings like those of Christmas Eve 2000.

Mission agencies are also keeping a wary eye, noting that this is the time of year when the Islamic militants are most likely to strike at a group of believers gathered together.

IN Network reports an increasing pressure on their Jakarta seminary students. “They have tried not to let the problems stop their ministry. Of course, even the seminary itself has been invaded a few times, and there have been a lot of threats against the seminary. But, they’ve basically been trying to work in spite of the fear that they may have persecution.”

IN Network says the student body is using the holiday season as a time for an evangelistic blitz. That’s a prayer need too, because the Islamic extremists are most violent during this period. “They’re sending out 190 students on December 20th, for those six months of training, in addition to that, all 1200 students are involved in special evangelistic activities to really present the Gospel around Christmastime.”

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