Israel prepares Gaza operation; mission team heads in to support church.

By November 1, 2006

Middle East (MNN)–Israel is taking measures to strengthen security against Palestinian terrorism at the Gaza border. The military action is causing concern for an area already fraught with war.

Continued attacks against Israel has the country considering a forceful response, although the Prime Minister reiterated that he had no intention of keeping troops in the Palestinian territory permanently after last year’s historic withdrawal.

Against the threat of violence, E3 Partners’ Tom Doyle says they’re headed to the Gaza Strip today to encourage the church there. “We are working with a great church in the Gaza Strip. They’re leading Muslims to Christ and starting new Bible studies for new believers. So, they’re right in the middle of it and we’re going there praying that everything will be calm and that we’ll be able to get a lot of work done.”

Doyle explains that prayer is as important as the physical evangelism tools themselves. “The most encouraging thing for the believers there is for them to know that there are people praying in the States for them. They know that difficult days are ahead. It’s certainly no surprise to them, they’ve been through them before.”

It’s that kind of perseverance that shines a testament to the hope found in Christ, as evidenced by their determination. “They’re doing the work and they’re winning people to the Lord and they’re starting churches so we’re just blessed to get them the resources and help them while we’re there.”

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