Israel’s blockade on Lebanon ends — Christians continue helping

By September 7, 2006

Lebanon (MNN) — The ceasefire continues between Hezbollah and Israel. Now, it appears an Israeli air and sea blockade is ending. Food and other essentials are allowed in to Lebanon, allowing Christians and other organizations to meet the needs of the thousands that are displaced.

The humanitarian division of the Evangelical Free Church of America, TouchGlobal, is assisting. TouchGlobal’s Jim Snyder says they’re working with an EFCA church in Beirut. “They’ve been reaching out to the needs of hundreds of families, which are predominately Islamic families. (They) are now very open, not just to receiving assistance, but the presentation of the Gospel.”

However, Snyder says, providing life’s ‘essentials’ isn’t all this church of about 200 is doing. “Along with food and medical supplies, they’re able to hand out Bibles to these people, who are basically twirling their thumbs right now trying to figure out what they’re going to do next. And, it’s exciting to be able to hear reports that they’re actually spending time reading their Bibles.”

Snyder says it’s unclear how long this church will be able to minister. “It’s really hard to read, obviously, in knowing exactly how long this opportunity is going to be made available to them to reach out to these people. Some have returned to nothing and are back again.”

These Christians are reaching out in a 1 John 3:18 kind of love — providing assistance for no other reason than they love them. Snyder says, “The one thing that penetrates any culture or any religion is the demonstration of compassion. Simply responding to their needs has opened up so many doors and opportunities for life long relationships and being able to reach into areas that have been impenetrable.”

According to Snyder, funding is the most important need right now. Go to TouchGlobal to help.

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