Israel’s leadership questions add to the Middle East’s distraction–a Christian ministry responds.

By January 9, 2006

Middle East (MNN)–Media coverage over Israel has created a picture filled with questions of security and stability surrounding leadership questions.

Peace is one of the glaring issues. In light of the upcoming elections, there were concerns that a change in leadership at this late date could bring about chaos.

It seems that Israel fills the screen as the most pressing story, with special emphasis on the destabilization of the region in light of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s absence.

However, SAT-7’s Terry Ascott says while media attention has painted the picture of a tinderbox in Israel, the reality is, there are greater concerns. “The Middle East is rather distracted by other things including the hard-line government in Iran, and of course, the situation in Syria where somebody’s (thrown) a hand grenade into that situation over the assassination of President Hariri.”

Ascott says their programming does not take a political stance. In fact, because they offer reconciliation, hope and the Gospel of peace, they’re looked to as an alternative.

He describes their mission. “We’re trying to give voice to the church. They’re part of the fabric in different countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan and so on, and have a role of salt and light to play in those environments.”

SAT-7 was created to help empower these Christians by providing them with inspirational and educational programs. These programs are mostly made by Middle Eastern Christians who are careful to ensure that each show is culturally sensitive. The shows are also full of the Good News of Christ.

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