Jakarta awakes to new reality–Christians are encouraged.

By October 14, 2003

Indonesia (MNN)–Published reports say the terrorist threats in Indonesia have not receded since a deadly bombing in one of the country’s prime resort cities.

As the one year anniversary of the bomb blasts in Bali passes (October 12), Jakarta awakens to a new reality–one in which terrorist activity has ingrained itself into the culture.

Muslim radicals, rooted in the society, are threatening the Christians throughout the island nation. HCJB World Radio’s Ron Cline explains this is why it is so important to have an evangelistic presence in Indonesia. “The local Christian radio station–ministering to a community, in that community’s language, with that community news. Some of those stations are getting bombed. Some of those broadcasters are getting shot. The persecution is horrendous in some sites, but the local radio is what you’re talking about as an opportunity to educate the Christians.”

Aside from the funding needs, Cline details their greatest prayer need. “Workers…people who are willing to man those radio stations. It’s a very high risk. You can’t ask somebody to do it. It has to be a calling.”

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