Jesus Film draws crowd in Russia

By October 15, 2003

Russia (MNN) The JESUS Film project in St. Peterburg, Russia, being carried out by a ministry associated with Campus Crusade for Christ, continues to attract attention throughout the city. The JESUS Film project goes on very well and more than 30,000 people viewed the film during the first week of showing. Many were surprised to see the impact the film had on kids and teens coming to watch it. The younger children who are usually less attentive were very well behaved and interested in the film Organizers say one of the biggest problems is still the small number of people that come to the follow-up meetings. They are trying to find more effective ways of inviting people to the follow-ups. Many people seem to be scared of getting into a ‘sect.’ The group asks for prayer as they share the life of Christ on film. The district where the film is showing is very large and there is no evangelical church closer than than 30 minutes by bus.

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