Jesus Film Project goes to the Olympics

By August 11, 2004

Greece (MNN) — The Jesus Film Project is one of the partners working at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Their special edition of the story of Christ on video and DVD called, “More Than Gold” will be handed out in 40 different languages during the two week event. For many it will be their only contact with the Gospel and their only opportunity to see “JESUS.”

Jesus Film Project leaders says they need $126,000 to supply 30,000 DVDs and videos to a global audience.

Testimonies from Christian athletes like pro-basketball player David Robinson, U-S Gymnast Amanda Borden, and others are featured before the story of Christ is shown. These athletes tell how knowing Jesus is greater then winning any metal and greater than any amount of gold.

Pray that many will respond to this financial need and that many will come to Christ as a result of seeing JESUS.

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