Jesus Film to be shown in mosque in Banda Aceh

By March 18, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — March 26th is the deadline that Indonesia has placed on non-essential foreign aid groups to leave the world’s largest Muslim nation. Banda Aceh was the hardest hit area where 126,000 people died and 90,000 are still missing. Many victims are wondering what will happen when those that are helping them are forced to leave.

Strategic World Impact’s Kevin Turner is in Banda Aceh. He says many of the groups are being asked to leave because of their connections to Christianity. However, Turner says the government shouldn’t be concerned about that. “Of the 360 plus NGO’s that are up here, I hate to say this, but there certainly hasn’t been an over preaching of the Gospel. In fact, people have been so far to the other extreme that a lot of people are afraid of saying anything. To be honest with you I’d rather be kicked out and tried than just do humanitarian work and not preach the Gospel.”

According to Turner, their overt approach to evangelism is drawing criticism from fellow evangelicals. “We’ve had other groups that don’t share the Gospel take offense to our approach because we don’t believe in just doing humanitarian aid. We believe in sharing the Gospel as well. And, we’ve actually taken (flack) for that, but we do humanitarian aid, but we don’t just do one or the other. And, we’re making an impact on people’s lives.”

Their testimony is making a difference as fundamentalist Muslims are opening their hearts to their work. So much so, says Turner, that SWI will be showing the Jesus Film at a mosque as they help with humanitarian aid. “We actually have it set up on lap tops. And, we’ll be showing it to select groups that want to view it. They asked us to distribute from the mosque and they full well know we’re followers of Jesus.”

Strategic World Impact is in the process of raising money for what they’re calling a ‘Dream Center.’ Turner says, “We’re actually working on putting up a two story building that’s going to do job counseling, trauma counseling, computer training center, English language skills and the second floor is actually going to serve as a church.”

Funding is needed for this outreach. If you’d like to help, go to their website,, or call 877-RUN-TELL.

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