Jesus Film translations increase, more are expected soon.

By December 15, 2005

USA (MNN) — More people than ever before around the world are now able to see and hear the Gospel in their own language. According to the JESUS Film Project, the story of the life of Christ has been translated into 899 languages, that’s up 12 languages since we reported the numbers in March.

With these new translations, 5.4 billion people have seen the film with more than 201 million people indicating decisions for Christ as a result of watching the film. That represents people in 228 countries or territories who have viewed the film.

There’s more good news. The JESUS Film Project isn’t finished. There are currently 238 additional translations that are in process. That will aid the 2,419 film teams and the more than 15-hundred denominations and mission agencies who are using the film in evangelism.

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