JESUS is needed in Lebanon, your help is essential

By July 26, 2006

Lebanon (MNN) — The news coming out of Lebanon and Israel is gripping. Hundreds have been killed, and more will surely follow. According to the JESUS Film Project , this carnage is providing a wide-open door for ministry. But, it can’t happen without your help.

According to a national worker, security is deteriorating. Few people can leave the country. Food supplies, medicines and fuel are still available, but they won’t last because of the air, sea and land blockade.

Despite the chaos, national believers say God has provided an opportunity of a lifetime to reach people for Christ. Thousands from non-Christian backgrounds are actually going to churches in Lebanon seeking answers. They are scared and worried.

Some churches have hung banners saying “Are you concerned about the future? Come in for hope.” They are meeting with people, and giving them DVDs of the JESUS Film. People from many backgrounds, even those hostile to Christianity, are gratefully receiving the DVDs, so they’re asking for funds to provide food, water and personal supplies for the people. They want to mount a major effort to show these people love.

Most importantly, they see this as an opportunity to give people DVDs of JESUS. They report that when basic humanitarian aid is given, people gladly receive the JESUS DVDs. And when given the chance, people want to learn about Jesus, the one who motivates such love.

The JESUS Film urgently needs funds to produce the large number of DVDs needed to meet the outreach needs. In fact, they’ve run out. Workers would like to distribute 75,000 copies of the DVD in not only Lebanon, but other countries affected by the war.

The JESUS Film is giving you an opportunity to help by purchasing “JESUS Packets of Hope.” They include physical assistance and the story of JESUS on DVD. A gift of $30 can buy four of them. $562,500 is needed for this project.

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