Kenyan pastors see an answer to prayer on the drought.

By April 18, 2006

Kenya (MNN)–The United States is pledging $26 million (USD) in new emergency food aid to help ease the impact of a drought in Kenya.

The effect of the mounting disaster can be seen in every corner of the country. It also makes ministry challenging when combined with rising food prices and a growing unemployment. The people are desperate for hope.

Against this backdrop, over 580 pastors recently attended a Global Advance Frontline Shepherds Conference in Kenya. When GAM team leaders saw how severely the drought hit the region, they told the pastors, “‘You are the spiritual gatekeepers of this region.’ We challenged them to come together and begin to pray. They did it, right then, and there.”

Global Advance Ministries’ Jonathon Shibley says what happened next was nothing short of miraculous. “They began to pray together, they began to repent of walls that they put up between each other. Literally, clouds came in and it began to rain.”

Though the rains have come, recovery will be slow in coming. Aside from the immediate food security issues are issues dealing emotional and spiritual security that are now coming to the forefront.

In answer to ‘What’s next?’ Shibley says, “We’re going to continually send teams in to encourage and train and minister to the leaders that we’ve established relationships with all over Kenya and Tanzania. And we want to continually bring encouragement, bring resources bring training to pastors, church leaders and business leaders.”

Please pray along with these pastors for God to continue to bless their land with rain and to build the unity and faith of church leaders.

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