Kenya’s famine situation worsens; believers are mobilizing.

By November 9, 2004

Kenya (MNN)–Kenya’s extended dry season means over two million people could face starvation in the near future.

The bite of famine is hard-felt by Compassion International, as well, Compassion’s Kenya Director, Ben Omollo. “Six of our nine classes are adversely effected. We have responded to 17 projects in these six classes which were extremely desperate. We’ve gone ahead and given them support for one month. What the projects have done in other areas is to increase the frequency of support.”

That translates to more t han 10,000 Compassion-sponsored children and their families who have been severely affected by food shortages. They face severe malnutrition, suffering or even starvation if nothing is done to intervene now.

Omollo says the help they’re requesting is an investment in both the present and the future. “We show our love not only to the children that are compassion-assisted, but to the community, as a whole. We focus on prayer and dependency on God so that it is very clear that we are waiting on God and that the love of Christ is felt through the support that comes from our friends and the international community.”

A gift of only $24 (USD) will provide maize and beans for a family of six for one month. A gift of $240 (USD)will provide for 10 families.

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