Kidnapping in Haiti not stopping new adoption program

By September 4, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–In the last few years, kidnapping has been an issue that’s kept foreigners away from Haiti. It’s a money making scheme. They kidnap those they believe are connected to money and then demand ransom. However, Bethany Christian Services isn’t stopping their new Haiti adoption program.

Bethany’s Jane Bradford just returned from Haiti and says their partner, God’s Littlest Angels, has taken precautions. “God’s Littlest Angels has taken steps to address that issue. They have a very good secure escort from the airport to their orphanage and they know exactly where you can and where you can’t go.”

Their partner runs two facilities, one for infant to toddler-aged children, and one for children ages 2-6 years old. Bradford says more than 20 families are already in the process of adopting a child from Haiti.

The need for this program is great because children succumb quickly to poverty and starvation. In many cases, desperate families take their children to someone who will care for them.

Case in point, she says, “When we were there, she had 60, all living under her roof. Out of those 60, she said, 40 of them had ‘forever families’. She said as soon as those move through, she will have just that many more to replace them. They just don’t stop coming to her door.”

Dozens of children are available in this orphanage alone.

Bradford says the good thing about this partnership is that they’re already hearing about Jesus. “When we drove up to the little bit older children’s orphanage there, they were all sitting around, waiting for us to come, and they were just heartily singing choruses about Jesus to us. We just got tears in our eyes that these little kids, who have nothing, are certainly taught about the love of God.”

If you’re interest in adopting from Haiti, go to http://www.Bethany.orgChristian Services

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