Kidnappings and killings aren’t stopping ministry in the Philippines

By October 31, 2003

Philippines (MNN) — Philippines (MNN) — We begin today in the Philippines where kidnappings and killings continue to be a problem in the southern part of that nation.

Wednesday, Islamic terrorists were responsible for killing five hotel workers after family members failed to pay ransom. Five people were killed. OC International’s Greg Gripentrog is asking people to pray for their workers. “Many of our people are going into areas where there is potential danger to them. We have not been directly affected yet, as a mission, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t be.”

OCI has a goal of planting eight-thousand churches in Midanao, including Muslim areas. Gripentrog says while evangelism is important in this area, he’s excited about a new trend. “One of the new exciting new developments in the Philippines, which is true of a number of the countries where we have ministered, is the fact that these countries which at one time were receiving countries, are now actually becoming sending countries. And, we are seeing Filipino missionaries actually now going to less reached countries of the world.”

OCI recently celebrated their 50th year of working in the Philippines.

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