Kids are raving over a programming lineup aimed at them.

By October 25, 2005

International (MNN)–SAT-7 says reaction to their children’s programming block has been stunning.

SAT-7’s Debbie Brink explains that their newest statistics show they’ve had an increase in response as high as 66-percent. That’s as compared to the same period of last year (January through August).

The change, Brink explains, isn’t due solely to the increased biblical worldview programs, it’s also due, in part, to “… the quality has been increased but also because a year ago, we had to drop our analog satellite. We lost a lot of viewers, particularly children throughout North Africa.”

That was a low point. But technology has proven to be a friend. Kids can respond to programs via e-mail, and get a response as early as 48 hours.

Brink says another factor is the delivery system. “I think they’re starting to make that switch and purchase the digital receivers, which allows them to come back.”

Aside from the viewership, the exciting issue is the potential for change. Brink says one of their program hosts put it this way: “God is going to use these kids in the future to really have an impact on their nations. As they are growing in their understanding of Christianity and in their relationships with the Lord, by watching these programs, and influencing their families as well, they’re going to have an influence on their communities.”

Please pray that the children will have their needs met with the help of the SAT-7 programs. It’s important to continue to ask God to use these programs and correspondence to expose families to the hope in Christ.

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