Koreans will continue to serve in missions, in spite of threats against them in the Middle East.

By June 28, 2004

Korea (MNN)–The grisly murder of a South Korean businessman in Iraq is not far from the memories of missions-minded Koreans.

It’s hard to forget in light of a growing backlash against Koreans for their government’s part in the war in Iraq. However, even though the terror hit close to home, Koreans will not see their missions’ vision dimmed.

Interserve’s Andrew Narm recruits American Koreans for ministry. He says the horrific death, oddly, provided a sense of renewed determination. “I think Christians are praying more for the Middle East and also we are more aware of the identity of Islam, as a religion.”

Narm says anti-Korean sentiment is generally tied into the politics of the situation in Iraq, adding it has little impact on the future of cross-cultural ministry. “We are sending a lot of (Christian workers). I don’t think this kind of incident will stop our (work) this year. More and more churches will be trying to send our (team members) to the difficult places like Iran or Iraq in the future.”

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