Leaders share excitement for vision building and evangelism.

By November 1, 2006

United Kingdom (MNN)–It’s a microcosm of the scope of evangelistic work Book of Hope does. BOH regularly sends out Vision Teams on trips that provide a snapshot of an Affect Destiny Teams Impact trip.

BOH believes it is important for church leaders to experience firsthand the Book of Hope ministry before investing the time and finances into building, recruiting and leading a team of to the mission field.

This year’s group heads to Birmingham, England. The team, made up mainly of pastors, will work from November 3 through the 10th, as an Impact Team. The trip will include team training and orientation, visiting a local church, and the distribution ministry of the Book of Hope in classrooms.

The Book of Hope, a chronological and harmonized version of the four Gospels telling the story of the life of Jesus, is the evangelistic tool used in accomplishing the mission of reaching the children and youth of the world.

The idea behind the vision trip is to take the excitement of hands-on evangelism and its tools back home to their individual churches in the hopes that others will respond. Click here if you want more information on Book of Hope trips.

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