Leadership classes build unity in Ghana, West Africa.

By October 11, 2006

Ghana (MNN)–Oasis International’s Art Speck says their leadership classes are breaking down walls and building unity.

It’s exciting because, “What we’re seeing at the Oasis Training Center is the Anglican church, the Methodist church, the Presbyterian church, and the Baptist church are four of the main denominations that are coming and sitting in these leadership classes and going away saying, ‘We need to teach this to our leaders’.”

Their leadership classes are growing quickly. When asked what curriculum they’re using to see such success, Speck says, “We’re not teaching that ‘this is a church doctrine’, or (teaching) this ‘church doctrine’. Leaders of these other denominations are not threatened, because how can you be threatened by the Word of God? If you love God, and you love His Word, then it becomes easy.”

The other part of the formula is what happens after the training. “They’re coming and soaking up the Word of God and taking it back to their churches.”

And success continues to be measured in growth. There are now different organizations who want to expose their leadership to the Oasis seminars regularly. That will mean expansion and quickly. Speck says, “We have the ground, we just need to put the buildings up. We need more dormitory-type sleeping facilities. We need more facilities to handle the groups of people that are going to be coming in.”

They’ll also need staff to handle the increased load, as well as the funding for the facilities. Keep praying for the Oasis Training Center and for what God is doing in Ghana, West Africa.

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