Learning ABC’s become the building blocks to a new faith in India.

By March 8, 2004

India (MNN)–Responding to India’s crippling literacy rate, World Bible Translation Center-India, in Bangalore, became involved in the Indian government’s adult education program.

World Bible Translation Center’s Roger Massey details what’s happening. “What our Bangalore office has begun doing is, working together with the government, using the book of Proverbs and the Gospel of Mark as reading primers. They’ve established literacy centers, about a hundred, and as a result of that, there’s people that are becoming worshippers of Jesus.”

The ministry supplies organizations and churches involved in adult literacy with the Translation Center’s Easy-to-Read translations of the Scriptures. After taking a literacy survey of an area and distributing the Translation Center’s Easy-to-Read Gospels of Mark or Proverbs in a particular village, the WBTC-India staff then recruits individuals who have a tenth-grade education and who are interested in helping their fellow villagers.

However, some of their distributors have been attacked and chased out of villages. While many do return for follow-up, Massey says this is a matter of prayer. “They’ll be facing more opposition from religious activists who are against the message of Christ. Pray that the Lord will protect them as they go out in remote areas, that the Lord will give them boldness, and that they wouldn’t shy away from what they’ve been called to do.”

WBTC-India supplies each student with a slate black board, chalk boxes, a Gospel of Mark and book of Proverbs, Literacy Department text books, an attendance register, lamps, floor mats, note books, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and pens. When a person learns to read they receive a New Testament.

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