Life Action continues fanning revival fires in the U-S

By February 16, 2006

USA (MNN) — Life Action Revival Ministries says as Christians we have a responsibility. “It’s our responsibility to meet with God in person revival and so our message is to come in and say, ‘here’s how to have personal intimacy with God and deal with some basic issues,” says Steve Canfield, a revivalist with Life Action. He just finished holding special meetings at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas.

According to Canfield, bitterness was the biggest problem at Cornerstone. “When people get bitter then it affects outwardly their relationship with husband and wives, or relationships with children. So, that causes alienation.”

It also causes problems for churches who want to reach out with the Gospel in their community. “I think that evangelism is a byproduct of revival. Sometimes we’re so concerned about reaching our community that we’ve jumped over our intimacy with God, our intimacy with our wife, our intimacy with our kids, and we’re trying to win the lost world. We need to win the lost world, but we need to back up and say, ‘wait a minute, where am I at personally with my relationship with Jesus Christ,” says Canfield.

Canfield says while all of Cornerstone Baptist didn’t experience revival, revival did take place. “The core of the church met with God in revival and if they begin to change I believe that will affect the fringe and ultimately will affect those outside of that circle.”

Pray for Cornerstone Baptist and Pastor Dwight McKissic as God continues to work through this church.

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