Lightening strikes ministry vehicle–no one injured.

By September 25, 2006

Germany (MNN)–Over 900 people gathered in Germany to renew their Great Commission vision with Operation Mobilization.

While grappling with the issues facing modern-day mission, participants at the International Forum were reminded again and again that it is all about Jesus and that their unity will point people to Him.

It was during the meetings when a lightening strike severely damaged one of their OMNIVision buses. It was one of two vehicles providing internet access and audio-visual services during the conference.

Writes the team leader Ian Currey , “We’re finding things as we turn thing on and try to use them…and (due to) the quality of the system, we have prevented much worse damage happening–some very delicate equipment survived.”

OMNIVision’s team leader says no one was hurt, even though the vehicles were full of people when the strike happened. Early repair estimates are right around 47-thousand dollars. Pray for God’s provision either through insurance or gifts to cover the cost of the damage.

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