Limited time to get Bibles into Iraq

By January 30, 2004

Iraq (MNN) — A Christian organization is fearing the worst. World Help believes the window of religious freedom in Iraq is small. That’s why they’re gearing up to saturate the nation with God’s word before the freedom ends.

President of World Help Vernon Brewer says, “We feel like we only have a six month window to saturate Iraq with Bibles and New Testaments.” He says, “At the end of June, when the targeted date for the United States to hand over the control of the government to the Iraqi people, we feel like there’ll be no guarantee that there will any religious freedom whatsoever.”

Brewer believes if it’s a Muslim controlled government they may not be sympathetic to the spread of Christianity. “We feel like the greatest thing we can do is not to beat people over the head or twist their arm, but saturate them with ‘The Light’ and the truth of God’s word.

World Help is trying to mobilize the North American church to provide 250,000 New Testaments to be printed and distributed in Iraq by June. However, Bible distribution isn’t the end. “But, to also be involved in a Iraqi lead church planting movement, and to see the church in Iraq strengthened and encouraged and resourced for a systematic home to home door to door approach to sharing the Gospel,” says Brewer.

Financial support is needed. Brewer says, “We’ve estimated that for $5 we can not only print the Bible, but get it shipped in, distributed, and into the hands of an Iraqi seeker.” That means raising over $1-million.

Prayer is needed for both the New Testament effort and the future of a country that’s been wrenched with all kinds of unrest.

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