Living Water International helps repair water pumps in Haiti.

By November 11, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — Clean water is vital to life, but in Haiti, people are dying because their water sources were destroyed by hurricanes.

Living Water International is seeking to meet that need. Jerry Wiles with Living Water says there are a lot of water pumps that are in disrepair, “So we have a major effort to do pump repair projects and rehab projects with water wells in Haiti. In fact, in Haiti each water well serves about 1000 people, the average in most Central American countries is about 250, so it’s really a high impact opportunity.”

And LWI is taking that opportunity and using it to fulfill their vision of reaching the world with not just water, but the Living Water of the Word of God.

“We don’t want to just drill the wells and bring water without having a Great Commission focus, so we are extremely excited about the possibility of continuing to serve and support a lot of other organizations doing Great Commission work and advancing the Kingdom in the developing countries,” says Wiles.

There are 1.2-billion people in the world without clean, safe drinking water, and between 10- and 30-thousand people die every day from water-related diseases. It’s a crisis LWI is addressing not only in Haiti, but also in Africa and Central America.

“Water is the foundation for all sustatinable development and the key to transformation in many areas,” says Wiles, because “when you can bring clean safe drinking water, along with the gospel it brings transformation to families and communities.”

Living Water International is presently working on generating funds to equal a $100,000 dollar matching gift to do well-projects in Haiti. They are almost half way there, according to Wiles and working hard to get the rest of the funds together.

They are moblizing their resources, and you can be a part of the work through prayer and financial support. Pray that funds will be raised for the projects in Haiti. Pray that they will be able to build bridges into the communities they are serving and that they will be blessed as they save lives and change destinies with all their vital water projects. If you would like to help with this need, go to or in the USA call 281.261.7984.

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