Local churches display the hope and healing found in Christ.

By April 18, 2006

Switzerland (MNN) — At a drop-in center for drug addicts in Zurich, Switzerland, an Operation Mobilization team is extending love and grace to hurting street people. Many of them are hurting, and they turn to drugs to hide their emotional and physical pain and to run away from their problems.

OM is working alongside the local churches to connect street people with church people. The OM team is there to love and serve the drug addicts just the way they are, and to help provide meaningful relationships that will hopefully lead to healing and direction.

Many of the street people have responded to invitations from the OM team to come to church services. Helping them become integrated into church life is a key area that churches and the OM team are focusing on in coming months.

Pray that believers will have sensitivity and love as they reach out to those in need. Pray that the street people will come to know Jesus, the only One able to intervene and bring hope and healing to their lives.

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