MAF works above ground in creative access nation

By April 17, 2006

Asia (MNN) — It’s a small country in southern Asia that’s closed to the Gospel. While there are a few Christians, but it’s a nation that’s not open to missionaries. However, Mission Aviation Fellowship has found a way to gain access.

Chief Operating Officer of MAF Dave Bochman a few of their staff are already working there. “For a few years we’ve had staff members there who are teaching English to the aviation professionals, both civil aviation and the air traffic controllers and those types of things. And, slowly, our reputation has been growing.”

That reputation is allowing MAF to get even more involved in this creative access nation, says Bochman. “We were invited a year ago to present a proposal to establish kind of a feeder airline as part of the national airline to cover the remote areas of the country and that’s our niche.”

MAF has put together a business plan and made the presentation and Bochman says the rest needs prayer. “We’re expecting within a month to hear the response. And, all indications are that it’s very positive. It’ll initially be three locations and probably growing to six locations.”

According to Bochman, this will be a huge benefit to like minded people and agencies work there. He says MAF only has a year to get this going. “So, we’ll have to hustle to get our staff ready. We already have some staff preparing for this, but it’ll be a great opportunity to go into an area that otherwise is closed, to be the presence of Christ, to use our technologies to facilitate those that are already working there, but primarily just to be a witness in that context.”

Pray that the approvals will be granted and that they’ll have good favor with the officials so they can do even more in the future.

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