Major disasters in 2005 prompt a call to action from an agency committed to the future.

By October 31, 2005

International (MNN)–Tsunamis in South Asia, 17 hurricanes along the Pacific and Atlantic shorelines, mudslides and volcanic action in Central America, locust, drought and famine in Africa, and deadly earthquakes in India, Pakistan and Indonesia–all have taken place in the last 10 months with devastating consequences.

Many outreach groups are working the first response. While that has its place in preparing the ground future outreach, there are other groups whose focus is turned more inward to the church.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India’s Dave DeGroot says they’ve committed to the rebuilding process.

Their focus is on the unsung workers who face the long-term battles. “We’ve got commitments to people on the ground in remote areas who are dealing with intense persecution. Nothing about their work is making headlines.”

In fact, their priority is likely never to make the news cycle. But, DeGroot adds, the progress of their teams in the tsunami zone is of key importance.

Keeping it before the church’s eyes is too. “It’s a challenge for us to be constantly sensitive to what’s going on, how they need moral encouragement, materials, training.”

DeGroot says it’s an opportunity for growth. “Continue the prayers for the ongoing projects you’ve had for maybe months or years and now is the time to reconsider your level of giving, the financial sacrifices that the Lord is asking of us.”

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