Major military escalation in Lebanon won’t stop a ministry.

By July 14, 2006

Lebanon (MNN)–Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon are provoking fears of war in Lebanon.

SAT-7, a Christian television satellite ministry, has offices in Beirut. SAT-7 CEO, Terry Ascott says so far, they’re undamaged.

But the toll can already be seen psychologically. Their staff continues to broadcast the message of hope and peace, but, “It’s very difficult for people, who are themselves, depressed, to radiate hope.” A cloud of depression is settling over Lebanon as the sounds of explosions rattle the streets, bringing back memories of the sectarian violence that plagued the region for nearly two decades.

“I would ask prayer for all the Christians in Lebanon”, says Ascott, “that they would be beacons of light and hope and optimism, and that they wouldn’t be caught up in the national gloom, and that the love and the peace of Christ that is in their hearts, would radiate through.”

But, the strikes took out power stations, leaving much of the community without electricity. That means air conditioners, refrigerators and televisions aren’t working.
And if people can’t watch television, how will they haer the message SAT-7 is broadcasting? “The Lebanese are quite resourceful”, Ascott explains, because they have seen this before during 20 years of civil war and disturbances. “Many of the areas do have backup generators so they can keep essential appliances working, and television is one of the essential appliances.”

As their teams keep programming running, Ascott says, “We do ask for all supporters of SAT-7 to pray for the stability of Lebanon and the safety of our staff and operations.”

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