Makers of EvangeCube introduce EvangeCard.

By June 14, 2006

International (MNN) — The EvangeCube has been used for years as an effective evangelism tool in the Middle East, Africa, the USA and around the world.

Recently, e3 Resources (the makers of EvangeCube) introduced their new EvangeCard, an innovative Gospel-sharing tool that folds flat and can fit inside a pocket or Bible, or mailed inside an envelope.

The EvangeCard is designed as an interactive, origami-style folding card, with seven pictures that clearly and creatively present the Gospel. It’s a simple visual tool, with great eternal results.

You can purchase a pack of 25 EvangeCards for only $8. Contact e3 Resources by using their information listed below.


  • I was wondering how I can purchase 5 packs of 25 EvangeCards at $8 each. I assume it would be $40 ($8 x 5) but is there a cost for shipping and postage. Please let me know. Also, would I have them by March 18th?

    Thank you.

  • Sharon Felten says:

    Hi Shirley, The quickest way to order EvangeCards would be to contact E3 Partners via phone: 800.542.2646.

  • Susan says:

    Would you happen to know of E3 partners staying in the Philippines and who have copies of Evangecards for sale? Will be needing 2 packs (50 pcs) this coming April 24. Thanks and God bless!

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