Many lives lost in Asia, but many spared by God’s grace

By December 29, 2004

India (MNN) — Gospel For Asia workers are rushing food, clothing, medical supplies and the love of God to millions of Asians still in deep shock from the most powerful earthquake in 40 years. That earthquake spawned the incredible tsunami that’s killed tens of thousands and has left thousands still missing in 10 countries.

Despite the death and destruction, GFA’s KP Yohannan is praising God that many of their workers were spared. That’s exactly what happened in the Andaman Islands. “We have 26 pastors and missionaries there. We thought all of them lost their lives because some 6,000 people died there. And, by the grace of God their lives were spared, but some believers are also among the dead.”

The tsunami rolled past Sri Lanka during church services. That protected a congregation in a village that was destroyed. “Almost all the believers in that community, their lives were spared because the church is in a very hilly area. The lower part of the community was completely destroyed.”

Yohannan is asking Christians to pray for GFA believers who are reaching out to the millions of displaced people. “Our pastors and workers are very busy right now working among the displaced people in refugee camps.”

However, funding is the most urgent need right now. “This is a huge crisis and there will be tens of thousands of people that need help (with) food, shelter, blankets, (they’ve) lost everything. Our missionaries are working day and night, also sharing the Gospel with them. While it’s so sad, I must tell you a lot of people are listening to the Gospel and opening their hearts.”

You can help financially at Gospel for Asia, 1800 Golden Trail CT, Carrollton, TX 75010. You can also give on-line

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